The Messenger

There’s an old saying ‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’  What this refers to is not blaming someone or taking out your anger or frustrations on the person who brings you some bad news.  However this also works in the other direction as well.  If someone brings you good news we tend to celebrate and give them, possibly, undue adulation.

The late Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and business philosopher, was known for saying that he was not interested in being a ‘Guru’ or deified by his faithful followers.  He was more interested in being footnoted in his fans/follower’s testimonials. 

If you’ve ever experienced a motivational/business/personal development seminar you know that they all pretty much say the same stuff.  What it boils down to is whose delivery you like best.  (On a personal note I listen to all different speakers from Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, I could go on but the list would be too long and way too far off the point.)

When I first applied to acupuncture school I was required to write an essay on why I wanted to learn Oriental Medicine.  I, unfortunately, no longer have that essay but I do remember what the bottom line of the essay was; I wanted to learn to be a healer.  One of my very first teachers, who has been in practice for over 20 years, confessed to the class that he was not a healer he was ‘an acupuncturist,’ nothing more.  Not the great healer most of the people in the room professed they had wanted to learn how to be.  In truth I think I’m beginning to understand that statement.

I’ve had patients in the past tell me that I fixed their back pain or I cured their migraines.  Truth is I didn’t do much anything at all, they healed themselves.  It’s easy to take credit and say you’re welcome and move on.  However I truly believe the true power of acupuncture lies in the patient’s hands.  I believe that the different forms of therapies that I use stimulate my patients own bodies healing abilities.  What I perceive that I am doing is pointing the body in the direction of health and wellbeing and they’re doing the rest.

People often ask me, when they hear that I’m an acupuncturist, if I ‘believe’ in Western Medicine, if I ‘believe in’ other forms of alternative therapies.  Truth is I ‘believe’ in whatever works for you.  If you say that sticking crystals in your armpits and howling at the moon cured your back pain, I’m all for it!  Do I believe in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, absolutely, however, I believe that it’s the patient’s body that cures itself and I just want the credit for helping not doing.

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