As Thorough as Possible

“He’s a good man, and thorough.” –Maude Lebowski, The Big Lebowski

I often try to compare myself to other acupuncturists, not in some narcissistic or competitive fashion, but in a way that I may learn and improve.  I’ve said it many times before even writing an entire blog on it, acupuncture is as much an art as it is a science.  And in trying to consistently evolve my art I’ll often ask treatment questions of other acupuncturists and students.

Admittedly my style has changed over the years. When I first graduated I was very interested in incorporating herbs into my practice, as well as finishing with bodywork as compared to now beginning each treatment with it.  I’ve also switched to a thinner gauge needle with less stimulation.  Each time I’ve changed something it was due to either patient compliance (where he or she is unable to ingest the prescribed herbs for some reason), request or the great successes shared with me by other practitioners.

Due to this evolution I’ve often found that my treatments tend to run a bit longer than other acupuncturists’ do as well as more ‘labor intensive’ for me. I rarely leave the room during a treatment, not only for patient comfort but also because it allows me to answer questions at any time during the treatment.

It is of considerable importance to me that my patients know I’m doing everything within my scope of knowledge and abilities to help them.  I want them to know they are getting their money’s worth. I want their time and money spent with me to be beneficial and also rewarding. My goal is for my patients to be and feel physically improved as well as emotionally balanced and spiritually calm, relaxed and more at peace with themselves and the world around them as a result of a treatment.

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